Friday, 9 April 2010

Retro swimsuit

Next week...the 14th of April I am going on holiday to Fuerteventura and have been eyeing up this gorgeous retro swimsuit for a long long time now. I am into retro inspired garments and accessories, gotta love the old pin up girl look! I have never seen anyone wear one of these swimsuits when being on holiday as alot of people wear bikini's so i thought i would go for something different on the beach or by the pool. I was thinking 'to buy or not to by' but eventually took the risk and ordered - which i have to say was a great decision.

This is the actual model photo of the swimsuit which i ordered from the website.

& i have to say i actually LOVE it! The price at first i thought was a bit too pricey just for a swimsuit being £59.50, but as soon as i opened the mail and tried it on i was in love! It has the perfect fit, with rusching on the stomach area to flatter any flab and i just love the cherry print and halter neck tie. It is extremely confortable and is also double lined to avoid it going see through when wet. I cannot wait to wear it on the beach!

This is the packaging it came in, i think the simple bag with the ribbon is so cute and i can simply slip it into my suitcase without worrying of anything spilling onto it or pulling the material.

And this is the actual costume out of the cute!

The picture does not do the swimsuit justice! If you are wondering i purchased this (myself) from and have to say the service is fantastic! It was despatched very quickly and was delivered two days later!

What are your thoughts on these style of swimsuits? Would you wear one on holiday? Or is it just me who is strange and thinks she is living in the old times lol!

Thanks for reading <3


    has some great vintage inspired swimsuits as well!

  2. I love retro swimsuits. I love that Era as well. CHeck out my blog