Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Holiday Photos..Picture Heavy

Apologies for the lack of updates, just to let you know i'm still here and will continue blogging, just so busy with work and studying. Well anyway, I went to Fuerteventura on the 14th of April until the 24th. Luckily the volcanic ash dilemma did not effect me and my flight wasn't delayed, i'm lucky my flight was on the 14th instead of the 15th as i wouldn't of even been able to go. But i had a fantastic time :D the weather was hot, hotel was beautiful, beach was gorgeous, and it was such a relaxing break. Here are a few photos to sum it all up! Enjoy x


  1. That beach looks amazing :) xx

  2. Great pics!!

    your hair is gorgeous!!!
    i love your colour


  3. Lovely Pictures! You look gorgeous.
    I gave you a blog award: I love your blog, and think you really deserve it! Sorry if you've already been nominated sweatpea:)