Tuesday, 23 February 2010

How to : polka dot nails

As polka dots are one of the trends for this summer i wanted to try something new with my nails and this fantastic idea sprung to mind. I have seen polka dots almost everwhere this season in the shops which completely win me over as they are so cute!

Here is a picture of how i got on in designing my nails, i know they are not perfect with the dots not being the same size but i've have a lot of complements on this work of art and questions on how i achieved them.


All you need is two nail varnishes of any colours that contrast with eachother & a top coat if necessary.

I used Collection 2000 Hot looks Fast dry in '29 Big Hair' and trust me this nail varnish does dry fast and is really good value for its money.

For the white i used Barry M nail paint in 'Matt White'.

& a piece of paper which i put the white nail varnish on so i could dip the tip of the pen in for the dots.

Now on to how I apply the dots, i know this sounds ridiculous but i used the tip of a biro pen and it worked fantastic, you can however use a nail tool which you would probably find easier but i got along fine with just a bog standard pen.

Step 1: File nails into desired shape and apply a base coat if required

Step 2: Apply 2 coats of your chosen nail varnish, mine being the red.

**Wait for it to dry completely**

Step 3 On your paper add a blob of your nail varnish which you want to use for the dots (in my case white)

Step 4: Get your nail dotter/pen and vertically dip it into your nail varnish so it is evenly covered.

Step 5: Apply diagonally over the nail or randomly but i found doing it diagonally made the polka dots appear to have the same width.

This process took me about 5-10 mins (not long at all really for snazzy nails) so try them out and be on trend in the nail department!


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