Thursday, 25 February 2010

My hair history

I know you are probably bored of the hair history malarkey as quite a lot of bloggers have already done it but i find them interesting to see change in hair styles and decided to jump on the band wagon *yay*.

My natural colour is a sort of medium/light ashy brown ( i think) i dye it so i kind of forget but yes i feel that it is boring *sigh* and it doesn't do anything for me!
If i had my natural hair colour from when i was little i would be quite content now to maintain it as it was a rich sort of reddy brown which went golden in the sun, but now it just looks grey :(.

Unfortunately i don't have a pic atm of my hair when i was young on my laptop but will *add one later*.

Ok lets start, as i can't find a pic of my natural hair colour without any colour on it you will just have to imagine a lifeless brown shade lol. This picture is when i had blonde highlights put through, in high school i always went through stages of having highlights and then i dyed it dark brown and it looked awful on me, then it faded to a minging green/yellow colour lol and i think i just grew it out and then i had more highlights until i appeared to be pretty much blonde all over.

In the first pic (sorry i look like some tacky slut trying to pose) haha this is just half a head of blonde highlights on my natural hair colour,so you can kinda see it poking through.

And from this i gradually got blonder and blonder...

I really liked my hair like this but it was hard to maintain with going to the hair dressers to get my roots done every month or so as it grew out so fast. I had it like this for about 3 years..



I turned into a full blown brunette, which i hated at first because it was so dark and i looked so pale and urgh, but then it just grew on me n started to suit me. It eventually faded and went like a light chocolate brown and i enjoyed being a brunette, but then i still wasn't what did i go and do then?...

I died my hair RED!

I wanted to do this for a while so i braved it and went for it, Mother wasn't impressed! But then she got used to it. I loved this colour but it was so hard to maintain it just kept on fading and then went a horrible pinky colour so i just put a brown over it and now my hair is currently this...

Still a tad bit reddy, but more of a reddy brown so it's not too 'IN YO FACE!'.
Looking back on my hair history i miss my blonde hair :( and want to go lighter for the summer! Have you ever looked back at pictures of different hair colour/style and wanted it back?

Thanks for reading :)


  1. your hair is so gorgeous, i'm trying desperatley to grow mine but it just wont get longer!!

  2. Thankyou, it will hun just take good care of it and have patience :) xx

  3. Nice blog : )

    I am a new follower! Check out mine too when you get a chance.

  4. Your hair is gorgeous! I think it looked best the last blonde and the first brunette:). How long did it take you to grow your hair that long honey?

  5. Thanks hun! Ah i miss the blonde hair :( lol
    I don't really know tbh i've always had long hair really and it grows at a very fast rate