Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Weak,limp,lifeless hair? Here is the answer!

Then look no further than these badboys which are the Babyliss thermo-ceramic heated rollers which retail for about £29.99. I discovered these baby's from my Mum, she purchased them a few years back and put them into my hair once for a night out and i was so impressed with the results i have been using them ever since. My hair was so volumised consisting of humoungus lightweight curls that were natural looking. Someone even asked if it was my own hair haha. Here is a few pictures of various occasions when i have put these in my hair.

My verdict: If i were to give these rollers a mark out of 5 it would be 4.5! I think they are amazing and have lasted about 2 years now and me and my mum use them quite a lot. The only down side is which is likely to occur with any heated rollers is they take about 30 mins to heat up properly but i suppose you could do your make up whilst waiting and also they can burn your neck when hanging from the bottom of your head but to avoid this i put tissue underneath to prevent this from happening as it hurts lol!

Overall fantastic way to getting voluptous hair!

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  1. I have these! But I have the set of 30 because I have really long hair. I love them so much! Your hair looks gorgeous curly!

    Lovely blog!