Wednesday, 24 February 2010

REVIEW:Sun Laborities Dark Lotion

Out of all of the fake tans i have ever used which are St.Tropez,Fake Bake, St.Moriz, Loreal, Johnsons (list could go on). This self tanning lotion is an amazing discovery of mine. After searching online for a good fake tan that doesn't smell awful and is very dark i came across this little beaut, a girl wrote on a review that it is the most darkest fake tanner she has used. At the price of around £20 you may think it's quite pricey but i bought this in July last year and i still have just over 1 full body application left.

The colour i use is 'dark sunsation' which is the darkest of them all, the darker the better baby! The consistency is thick lotion which blends like a dream, i do advise wearing latex gloves when applying this and applying it to each hand one at a time. The lotion is dark so you can see where you have applied it to which is very helpful. As for the smell, i love it, it's like cherry almond and Battenburg. I do advise that you wait atleast one hour after applying before you come into contact with water to avoid any streakiness

Over a few hours this develops into a very olive dark tan, the colour that i would go in the sun after being in the Carribean for a week. Infact when i have worn this customers at work have asked if i have been on holiday and i'm like 'no it's just fake tan' they have been gobsmacked that such a natural dark even tan can be achieved out of a bottle.

Out of this bottle which is 8 FL oz i would say i have used it about 12 times and that is for all over my body, so it works out approx £1.50 for an all over tan which is perfect! (sorry Cba to use my maths lol).As I am running out i am definately going to purchase another. It can be found anywhere on the net.!

P.s i bought this with my own money, it is an honest review, just thought i would share this little beaut!


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